ESTIAM Cambodia and CANCHAM are thrilled to announce their upcoming event, "Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future".

ESTIAM Cambodia and CANCHAM are thrilled to announce their upcoming event, "Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future".

The event will be held on March 23rd, 2023 from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at Thnong Room,
8th Floor, GIA Tower, Diamond Island, bringing together IT professionals, experts, and
enthusiasts to discuss and debate the future of the industry's workforce.

The event will consist of three roundtables/debates covering a range of topics related to
emerging technologies, IT security and cybersecurity, and remote work in the IT industry. Each
roundtable/debate will feature thought-provoking questions and expert panelists, giving
attendees the opportunity to engage in lively discussions and network with other professionals
in the field.

Among our esteemed panelists are
● Mr. Kirill Bratchenko, CEO of Biplan Global and Co-Chairman of AmCham ICT committee
● Mr. Olivier Comes, President of ESTIAM, IT Graduate Professional School
● Mr. Pierre Joye (PHP Core Dev), Fractional CTO, Founder, Engineer, Opensource

● Mr. Jean Sébastien Dionne, Specialist in Digital Project Management
● Mr. Florian Berta, CEO of Silkwires Digital Agency
● Mr. Tuy Chandara, CEO of Wonderpass Technologies
● Mr. Jeff Laflamme, Co-Founder & CTO of Haystack Labs / Wonderpass Technologies,
and more speakers to be announced.

Debates will be moderated by Mr. Frédéric H. Proulx, Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Chairman. “This event presents a significant opportunity for the IT community to convene and
discuss the direction of the industry's future. We are honored and enthusiastic to be a part of it.”
"We believe that the future of IT lies in its workforce, and that's what this event is all about," said
Thierry Riga, General Manager of ESTIAM Cambodia. "We want to create a platform for
professionals to discuss and share their views on the direction of the IT workforce and help
shape the future of the industry."

The event is open to anyone interested in IT and looking to learn, connect, and engage with
others in the field. Tickets are available for purchase on LIVE. by Wonderpass App
For more information about the event, please contact Mr. Thierry Riga at +855 12 382 432 or
visit our website