ESTIAM Cambodia in the news after hosting a great event !

ESTIAM Cambodia in the news after hosting a great event !

In March 2023, an event was jointly hosted by ESTIAM Cambodia and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) in Phnom Penh, aiming to explore the future of Cambodia's IT workforce. The event brought together IT and digital professionals and experts to engage in discussions on the industry's future.

Themed as 'Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future,' the event featured three roundtable debates covering various pertinent topics, including emerging technologies, IT security and cybersecurity, and the implications of remote work in the IT industry. These discussions were expertly moderated by Mr. Frédéric H. Proulx, Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to the event, Thierry Riga, the General Manager of ESTIAM Cambodia, expressed the significance of the occasion, stating, "We firmly believe that the future of IT rests upon its workforce, and this event serves as a platform for professionals to exchange their perspectives and contribute to shaping the industry's trajectory."

Distinguished panelists who participated in the event included:

Mr. Kirill Bratchenko – CEO of Biplan Global and Co-Chairman of AmCham ICT committee
Mr. Olivier Comes – President of ESTIAM, IT Graduate Professional School
Mr. Pierre Joye – PHP Core Dev, Fractional CTO, Founder, Engineer, Opensource Speaker
Mr. Jean Sébastien Dionne – Specialist in Digital Project Management
Mr. Florian Berta – CEO of Silkwires Digital Agency
Mr. Tuy Chandara – CEO of Wonderpass Technologies
Mr. Jeff Laflamme – Co-Founder & CTO of Haystack Labs / Wonderpass Technologies

The three roundtable discussions delved into the following areas:

--> Emerging Tech IT
--> IT Security and Cybersecurity
--> Remote Work and the Future of IT

The event served as a valuable platform for industry professionals to collectively explore and shape the future landscape of Cambodia's IT workforce, while addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and the evolving nature of remote work.