ESTIAM Cambodia - Paper in Khmer Times

ESTIAM Cambodia - Paper in Khmer Times

On Thursday, ESTIAM Cambodia and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CanCham) jointly organized an event titled "Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future" at Thnong Room, GIA Tower in Phnom Penh. The event aimed to bring together approximately 60 IT professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to engage in discussions and debates regarding the future of the industry's workforce.

The event comprised three roundtable sessions covering a wide range of topics, including emerging technologies, IT security and cybersecurity, and the impact of remote work in the information technology industry. These sessions provided a platform for participants to actively participate in stimulating discussions alongside expert panelists, as well as network with fellow professionals in the field.

The moderation of the debates was overseen by Frédéric H. Proulx, Chairman of CanCham, who expressed his enthusiasm and honor to be part of an event that provided a significant opportunity for the IT community to come together and discuss the future direction of the industry.

Olivier Comes, President of Estiam FRANCE, an IT Professional Graduate School, emphasized the importance of education as a fundamental pillar in building the future of any country. He stated that Estiam Cambodia takes pride in contributing to this cause.

Thierry Riga, General Manager of Estiam Cambodia, highlighted their belief that the future of IT lies within its workforce. He expressed the goal of creating a platform where professionals can gather, exchange views, and actively shape the future of the industry.

Noteworthy participants included Pierre Joye, a PHP Core Developer, fractional CTO, and Open Source Speaker, who emphasized that the IT workforce of the future is composed of talented young individuals who possess both technological and leadership skills.

Kirill Bratchenko, Chief Executive Officer of Biplan Global and co-Chairman of AmCham ICT Committee, stressed the importance of individuals who possess the ability to learn and are willing to continuously update their knowledge throughout their lives, considering the uncertain nature of the world and technological advancements in the next decade.

The event provided an invaluable platform for industry professionals to gather, share insights, and contribute to shaping the future trajectory of Cambodia's IT workforce.

Article: Khmer Times