Our speakers thoughts in video: Opportunities in Tech and the Digital Workforce in Cambodia

Our speakers thoughts in video: Opportunities in Tech and the Digital Workforce in Cambodia

Mr. Pierre Joye, a seasoned professional with expertise as a PHP Core Developer, Fractional CTO, Founder, Engineer, and Open Source Speaker,

has always had a passion for computers and gaming, which led him to venture into programming at an early stage of his career. Throughout his journey, he has been involved in various aspects of development.

In a conversation with B2B Cambodia, Mr. Joye highlighted a shift in the accessibility of learning resources for developing countries, including Cambodia. Previously, those with financial means had a greater advantage in accessing educational tools. However, he believes that the situation has changed significantly. Thanks to the commendable efforts of the Cambodian government and the finance sector, there is now easier and better access to information online, facilitated by the relatively affordable and readily available Internet services in the Kingdom. Mr. Joye emphasizes that it is now up to individuals and businesses to be motivated to learn and understand how technology can benefit them or their ventures.

Regarding innovative tools such as ChatGPT, Mr. Joye acknowledges the advantages they bring, particularly in terms of obtaining quick information. However, he also recognizes the potential risks associated with relying solely on AI systems for gathering information about individuals. On the other hand, Mr. Joye appreciates the application of artificial intelligence in areas such as risk analysis and bug detection, as it can help identify vulnerabilities and loopholes effectively.

Mr. Joye's insights highlight the changing landscape of technology accessibility in Cambodia, the importance of individual motivation in embracing technological advancements, and the potential benefits and risks associated with tools like ChatGPT and artificial intelligence in various domains.

Mr. Olivier Comes, the President of ESTIAM FRANCE, an IT Graduate Professional School

with numerous campuses globally, holds Cambodia in high regard. As the leader of the French school, Mr. Comes recognizes education as a crucial component of the nation's infrastructure.

He believes that education can serve as a powerful catalyst for Cambodia's growth and development. Mr. Comes also acknowledges that Cambodia, unlike other regions, doesn't face as many legacy technological challenges that could potentially hinder the progress and adoption of technology and digitalization.

Within the realm of professions, Mr. Comes observes that many students are passionate about engaging in the tech industry. They are aware that choosing a career in technology means a lifelong commitment to studying due to the ever-evolving nature of the field.

He emphasizes the rising prominence of data scientists and AI as highly sought-after skills. Furthermore, Mr. Comes notes that digital technology has permeated every sector and industry, including those in Cambodia. While there is a demand for a skilled workforce in these areas, he acknowledges that it will take time to train individuals with the necessary skill sets to meet this demand.

Mr. Olivier Comes' insights shed light on the significant role of education in Cambodia's development, the passion of students in pursuing careers in technology, the increasing importance of data science and AI, and the need for a skilled workforce to support digitalization efforts in the country.