ESTIAM is a French higher education institution, accredited by the French state and awarding a Level 7 diploma registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications.
Founded in Paris
Yearly Students
Teachers & Pros
Partners Companies
/ A structured educational approach with real supervision of the students
/ A training program combining pragmatism, modernity and quality
/ A comprehensive training that develops not only technological expertise, but also professional and managerial behaviour, leadership and business awareness.
/ Students who are strongly supervised by their professors, all of whom come from the business world
/ A program that is perfectly in line with the job market
/ A progressive professional immersion

ESTIAM is aware of the environmental issues related to the development of its training.

Sustainable actions are implemented at the school, notably through the digitalization of its training. We raise the awareness of our trainers by encouraging them to use digital tools in order to reduce photocopying. ESTIAM is a "Paperless" school: our training materials are 100% dematerialized.

At ESTIAM, we also raise awareness among our students about their waste management behavior in the school.


Diversity is defined as "the variety of human profiles", which can evolve within the same company. It is the variety of profiles and genders such as sex, age, beliefs, nationality...

France, USA, Brazil, Morocco, China, Switzerland, Japan, India... Our pedagogical team reflects our desire to promote diversity, mobility and integration among our students, apprentices, trainers, partner companies, tutors and apprenticeship masters who trust us.

ESTIAM also encourages the mixing of professions and professional equality between women and men. We fight against the gendered distribution of professions. For us, computer science is a field open to all! And to show this, ESTIAM highlights women in IT: students or professionals.